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October 28, 2008
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SKALD-class Gunship by TheOrangeGuy SKALD-class Gunship by TheOrangeGuy
The United Republic of Earth has always relied on dedicated, state-sponsored military contractors to design their warships, fighters, and weaponry. The Jovian Confederacy, however, takes a far more free-market approach. Contracts with Jovian military contractor Rangald Industries (and other contractors) for smaller ships are traditionally written so that ship designs must be produced exclusively for the Confederacy only for a set period of time (usually 5 years), and following that, the contractor has free reign to sell the ship to anyone they see fit. This arrangement tends to produce a high level of innovation, as the contractor(s) are also designing for a larger, less military market, and have the added incentive of future non-government sales.

As such, Rangald Industries has become known as one of the finest producers of civilian and paramilitary combat vessels in the system. Rangald Ind. ships are extremely durable, hard-hitting, and affordable, though they tend to suffer in the areas of electronic systems and speed. This design philosophy makes them extremely popular with mercenaries, police forces, warlords, and anyone looking to add a bit of firepower to their arsenal. Rangald Ind. ships are a common sight in station patrols and pirate raids alike.

The Skald-class gunship is one of the most popular Rangald ships, and includes some of the best features of their smallship lineup. While the Skald is only as large as a patrol boat, it can bring as much firepower to bear as most corvettes, and its armor plating can resist blows from guns all the way up the frigate caliber.

While in exclusive military service, the Skald-class was armed entirely with weapons of Confederate design. As soon as the vessel entered the private sector, however, Rangald Industries quickly scrapped that design philosophy in favor of weapon technology stolen from the UESF. It proved to be a good choice, as the Republic fleet is well known for it's exceptional railgun technology. However, Rangald opted to retain the powerful Jovian 'Rage' missile system, giving the Skald the best of both worlds when it came to weapons

-243ft (74m)

--6 'Knife' 125mm military artillery cannons
--2 quad-barrel 'Scimitar' 45mm CIWS/AFS turrets

-32 tube launchers (4 batteries) for:
--64 'Rage' high-explosive missiles

-1 Emergency evacuation launches (escape pod)

Crew Compliment:
-4 ships company (room for up to 8)

-Rangald Industries

-Rangald Industries, through various Jovian Ship Yards

Contracts/Commonly Used By
-Contract with the Jovian Confederacy; sold to various nations and corporations

NOTE: My first ship of Jovian design (all previous ones were designed by the UESF of core-world based corporations), this one does a good job of showing off some features that are distinctively Jovian in appearance. Hope you like it!
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Looks very similar to the Mandalorian Crusader-class Corvette.
TorisLaCroix Mar 19, 2009
The next good ship. Well I always had one idea, how ship could manouver with ONLY rear engine?
Actually, now that i see it, the engine configuation kinda reminds me of my old USEC destroyer class, which, i might add, is about due for a refit here soon.
Yeah, i can see bulldog in there. Still doesn't do much for me, but it works for the ship.
:iconfatalpapercut: we go...

Engine pods came out nicely.The image is a bit pixilated, but I can still make out some impressive detail in the thrusters.

I'm assuming that the 'rage' batteries are the dark squares installed in front of the airlock?

I can safely say that you nailed both the look / feel of a four-seater gunboat, and creating a design that still says "Jack McSwain" without saying "USEF." I'm looking forward to more Jovian ship designs now.

Unfortunately, i can't give it a free pass in my book, since the bow doesn't really do anything for me. I would have liked to see more of a nose in front of the part that protrudes down below the bridge, as right now it kinda has a "ran face first into a wall" squashed appearance. Maybe throw some sensor antenna pointing forward in there...might break up the bleak outline a bit. I want to say something else about the intigrated bridge itself, but i'm not sure what. Ships without detached / seperated bridge towers are hard to properly construct, and i guess what you've got there works okay, but it just feels oddly lacking.
I kinda made the bridge/bow to look like an angry bulldog. Also remember this ship is tiny, so it wont be high detail next to other ships.
Holy motherlode of firepower, I simply love this ship

btw, are the gun turrets you make manned or remote controlled?
Glad you like. By "remote controlled" I assume you mean "fire controlled", and yes.
I Mean no man in the turret and a turret command center somewhere else in the ship to fire at what ever has to be destroyed.
Thats fire control.
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