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Sleipnir Armed Freighter by TheOrangeGuy Sleipnir Armed Freighter by TheOrangeGuy
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During System War II, The New Horizon Trading Company (a powerful trading cartel) made a massive fortune supplying all sides of the conflict, keeping the lines of commerce open even as the Nations were at war. However, they quickly found that rampant piracy, privateering, and wartime raiding made operations difficult (if not impossible) in many areas, and large numbers of New Horizon ships were waylaid, captured, or destroyed. They began running convoys and hiring mercenaries to defend them, but this proved to be a temporary fix at best: it slowed operations to a crawl, and the cost of mercenaries began to cut deeply into New Horizon's profits.

In response, New Horizon proposed a bold new project: A freighter; with large cargo stores, relatively high cruising speeds, high efficiency, all the luxuries of a star liner, and enough durability and armament to hold it's own in a fight.

To this end, they hired three different well-known ship design companies to work together on the project: McKinnen Shipworks, a freighter producer; Clarion Technologies, designer of luxury star liners; and Rangald Industries, a Jovian Military contractor. The three companies labored for months to produce the perfect vessel, but finally the Sleipnir was unveiled.

The Sleipnir-class Medium Armed Freighter has since become the most well-known symbol of the New Horizon Trading Company. With more guns than many warships, the Sleipnir can fend off pirates and raiders with ease. The ship also features a revolutionary new cargo hold design: Each of the designs four cargo bays can be pressurized or depressurized separately and quickly, allowing bays to be unloaded in open space or inside a pressurized cargo loading bay with equal ease, and without the aid of a plasma seal. It also features two forward cargo bays, extending the ships cargo capacity to a massive amount. And though it's heavy armor may slow it's acceleration to a crawl, is huge engines allow it to reach a cruising speed comparable to most light freighters.

The Sleipnir's one major weakness is it's maneuverability and acceleration time. In a fight, a Sleipnir flies like a brick. But when your ship can deliver a massive 24-gun (12 turret) broadside, a bit of sluggishness is hardly a major disadvantage.

Despite their power, however, New Horizon trading vessels are still a popular target for pirates. The goods carried aboard are usually worth a fortune, and an intact Sleipnir sells for a huge amount on the black market, and can even make an attractive pirate ship.

To help combat this trend, New Horizon has commissioned a variant of the Sleipnir, dubbed the "Hunter", to bait and destroy pirates. The Hunter variant sacrifices it's cargo space for larger guns, heavier armor, and a pair of heavy missile tubes, and is almost indistinguishable from the normal version.

Because of the distinctive chin-mounted sensor antennae, (and the ships considerable firepower) the Sleipnir has been nick-named the "Bearded Devil" by pirate and privateer captains, and the Hunter variant, which can stop a fleeing pirate with a volley of engine-disabling magpulse missiles, is often referred to as the "Angler Fish".

-732ft (223m)

--24 200mm dual-barrel artillery cannons,
--or (Hunter Variant) 24 225mm military grade, dual-barrel artillery cannons
--8 quad-barrel 'Scimitar' 45mm CIWS/AFS turrets

-64 tube launchers (8 batteries) for:
--128 'Rage' high-explosive missiles

Hunter Variant also Includes:
-2 tube launchers for:
--6 Cronus anti-capital torpedoes
--6 Thanatos cruise missiles
--24 Lightning Magpulse Missiles

-10 Emergency evacuation launches (escape pods)

Crew Compliment:
-35 ships company or (Hunter variant) 60 Ships Company (with the addition of trained marines for boarding operations)

-Three Way Collaboration between Rangald Industries, McKinnen Shipworks and Clarion Technologies

-New Horizon Trading Company
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Realmwright Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like that you have placed the cockpit at the front. On so many other freighters they tend to be placed aft.

And it adds much and more that you give such a detailed description. It clearly illustrates serious thought instead of haphazard polygon placement.
NegativeCalculate Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
Amazing. FAAAAAVED!!!
GraphiteUser Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
Fatal has a good point here. Theoretically, a small enough ship coud simply position itself behind the freighter and not only be completely immune to guns but also have a perfect target to shoot at. Coupled with the ship's horrible agility... You should fix that...

Also, why Sleipnir? Any particular reason?
Typhyr Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
That's more of a full military ship with some cargo hulls attached to it, the 3 company's did overkill on the weapon systems

so a pirate converting a ship like that would have a golden ship at his side to have his loot safely transported too.
TheOrangeGuy Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
You should read up on East Indiamen. Same concept, historically: A big freight ship with enough cannons to fend off pirates. Only one or two were ever captured in their 150+ years of operation, and they were too slow to make effective pirates.

Oh, did I mention they could outfight ships of the line? (that is, battleships)
Typhyr Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
yea, you did mention they where heavier then battleships.

Ow, and Eastern Indian Trading company ships where defended by military men onboard of the ship, those marines where granted by the Queen who has given a monopoly right to the E.I.T.

So now I ask, does the crew of you armed freighter accompany military personal or not?

And I kinda figured the historical link out earlier, just not the exact reference to where you got it from.
TheOrangeGuy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
(East Indiamen were slightly tougher than Sleipnirs, comparatively)
TheOrangeGuy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
Yes, they had military men aboard, but it was hardly the crew that caused them to be so tough. Mainly, it was the "massive amount of cannons" thing.

Anyways, no they don't include military crew, but the crew is well trained in combat, both ship-to-ship and personal.

Also, you seem the have the terms 'Warship' and 'Battleship' confused. A Warship is any ship designed for a navy (that is, a military) for fighting purposes. A Battleship is a specific kind of warship, traditionally the heaviest and most powerful of all surface ships (that is, anti-ship ships rather than anti-air ships or carriers).

A Battleship would destroy a Sleipnir extremely easily.
Typhyr Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
well you said:
Oh, did I mention they could outfight ships of the line? (that is, battleships)
end quote.
TheOrangeGuy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
I was refering to east indiamen, not this ship. The concept is the same, but that doesn't mean they're identical.
FatalPapercut Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
I'm gonna have to tell you, its getting harder and harder for me to find faults with your ships.

Just about the only thing i would point out is that it seems like there's little to no aft flak protection. With most of your CWIS turrets up front, and noticeably less than complete 360 degree firing arcs, it leaves at least one VERY exposed vector, conveniently the one that would allow fighters to punch shots into your engines.

Also, I'm noticing the definite Jovian influence in the bridge design. First time i saw the gunship you did, i looked at the bridge and thought to myself "Yeah, that's probably going to be like that with most anything of Jovian designs."

You managed to sync your design and the description well. *Applause*
Marrekie Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
Good job on the forward section. Nice lines.
TheOrangeGuy Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
FleareHuce Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
that is so badass, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the design
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